WEunlimited partners with CMETrust to support post-secondary education for women

Since 2016, WEunlimited has donated $6800 to CMETrust, and has pledged further support over the next few years. We're thrilled to have this passionate team supporting our work. 

WEunlimited is a fundraising organization created in 2016, to support higher education for girls and young women.  “WE” stands for Women's Education;  and the word unlimited means infinite possibilities, without any borders, constraints or limitations.

WEunlimited believes that higher education is a necessary tool to achieve personal, professional and leadership development for women at all levels of involvement:  in families, in communities, as well as in social and political arenas.

WEunlimited collaborates with organizations like CMETRUST which is committed to education, well established as a charitable Canadian organization, and recognized for their track records and rigorous reporting capability.

In 2016, as fundraising activities, WEunlimited organized a workshop for coaches and managers and a dinner.  It also invited individuals to contribute as private donors.  An amount of 2,800$ was donated to CMETRUST.

In early 2017, a campaign was launched aiming at creating a group of people ready to commit themselves to give together, annually, 4000$ to CMETRUST, for 4 years.  Such an amount will give access to 4 girls or young women to higher education. A group of 18 people responded positively to this initiative, which is now completed.  

Planned fundraising activities for the remaining of 2017 include another email campaign and two workshops – a culinary one in the summer and a personal development one in the Fall. 

WEunlimited's Board is composed of 3 women:  Sylvie Daigle, Catharine Johannson and Dung-Chi Tran.  They are highly committed to continuing to contribute to such an important cause, and would be very happy to answer any questions about WEunlimited. 


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