Have you got an idea for an event? A talent you can share? A volunteer commitment you'd like to fulfill in a meaningful way? A passion for supporting education? Become an activator and your investment of time can reap big results in supporting education and community development in Kenya.

How it works

An activator is an individual or a group of people working towards a goal that you have set for yourself - we suggest $1000, the cost of one year of high school for our scholars.

Over the past decade, CMETrust supporters have undertaken a number of creative fundraising activities. Events have varied from asking for donations in lieu of gifts or on behalf of wedding guests, hosting a speed-dating event or clothing swap, participating in races and bike-a-thons, or selling arts and crafts. It’s super easy – all it takes is an idea, some friends, and lots of fun! We can offer resources and tips to help you through the process.

Join us

Become an Activator today by agreeing to invest your time and talents to support education for young people from Mathare. Email us at for more information and to sign up today!

Getting Started

If you've got an idea for a fundraising initiative but aren't sure how to get started, or if you've got the passion but need an idea, check out our Helpful Tips sheet, or watch this video. Don't forget to sign up by emailing - we'll also be able to provide helpful materials, answers to your questions, and other support. 

You can also read our Fundraising Policy here, and check out our Fundraising Proposal Form

Want more information? Check out this video:


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