Post-Secondary School

In today’s labour market, post-secondary education allows youth to strengthen their skills and improve qualifications. Once our scholars began to graduate from secondary school, many of them wished to pursue some form of post-secondary training, but once again faced financial constraints. In response to this need, we experimented with various ways of providing support to graduates wishing to pursue post-secondary school. Our priority was to find a fair way to support as many of our graduates as possible, without compromising our ability to continue our secondary school scholarship program. 

After research, deliberation, and pilot projects, we decided to offer support to our graduates who receive ‘direct entry’ to university. In Kenya, students who achieve marks above a certain grade on their national secondary school completion exams (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE) receive a low-interest government loan to attend a public university. This is referred to as ‘direct entry’. These loans cover tuition after the first semester of school. The student is responsible for their first semester of tuition and their living expenses throughout university. 

When one of our graduates achieves direct entry, CMETrust will provide them with support covering their first semester of tuition and their living fees throughout their program. This costs approximately $4100 CAD per student. 

When we first began this program, only one or two of our CMETrust students achieved direct entry every year. In 2015, we witnessed the first female direct entry recipients. In 2016, all 9 of our graduates achieved direct entry. CMETrust scholars, inspired by the opportunity to continue their education, are exceeding everyone’s expectations! Click here to meet CMETrust Post-Secondary Graduate, Ketty Ajuma.

The increase in direct entry recipients among our scholars is a wonderful outcome for the scholars and for their community. We need to ensure we have the resources to continue to offer this opportunity to our graduates. Please consider supporting our work today

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