Our Philosophy

CMETrust is a partnership of dedicated and passionate individuals in Mathare and in Canada who believe in the power of educated individuals to change their lives, their families, their community, and the world. Our goal is to create a critical mass of these individuals, so that their impact will be truly transformative. To do this, we support bright, dedicated young people throughout their educational journeys, and we actively foster the spirit of giving back to the community.  

We work according to five key values:

  • Education Is a Right: We believe education is a human right.
  • Empowerment: We believe education and service empower individuals, and that empowered individuals will take action.
  • Partnership: We work collaboratively to deliver our mission. We place a premium on the perspectives and ideas of our Kenyan team members, and actively engage with the Mathare community to shape our programs and decisions.
  • Action Learning: We are not afraid to try new approaches and test different ways of responding to emerging issues. We review and learn from our successes and challenges on an ongoing basis.
  • Accountability: We are accountable to each other, our scholars, and our donors.

Our theory of change is simple: we believe that education empowers individuals, that empowered individuals help Mathare thrive, and that a thriving Mathare helps Kenya prosper. 

Our approach has always centred on a commitment to decolonization, dismantling white supremacy in north-south partnerships, and implementing an inclusive and equitable approach that responds to the needs and aspirations of the community we serve. Lean more about our Commitment to a Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Education Program in Kenya.

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