Meet Ketty!

Ketty came to CMETrust with little hope of attending secondary school. Thanks to CMETrust's support, she has completed secondary and post-secondary studies, and is beginning an already-promising career.


When Ketty first came to CMETrust, her hopes of pursuing secondary education were slim. An orphan, Ketty did not have the means to continue her education. Through CMETrust’s secondary school scholarships, she was able to complete four years of school and graduate from Wiyeta Girls Secondary School. CMETrust’s between-term programs helped her gain the confidence and self-esteem to dream big. She is currently attending one of Kenya’s top Fashion and Design schools through CMETrust’s post-secondary scholarship program. Ketty graduated in December 2016, and is already making waves in Kenya’s fashion circles. 

Ketty described the impacts of her education journey to us:

I have developed skills that I can now share with my peers, which helps make Kenya a land of hard-working and ambitious people, thus refusing poverty. Since graduating secondary school, I have been selling second-hand clothes, attending CMETrust Alumni meetings, attending fashion events, doing commercial shoots, and attending workshops in Mathare. I always share the knowledge I’ve gained in workshops with my friends.

I volunteer as a stylist with local actors who do short school plays in the community. Also, I publicize CMETrust as an organization to the community so that CMETrust Alumni are considered when job and mentoring opportunities or building ideas and projects come up.

I hope to see myself among Africa’s top Fashion Designers as I move forward. I also hope to have a stable career as a Fashion Designer, to live a peaceful life, and to continue and do more community work.” 


Learn more about Ketty's budding fashion career in this video:


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