Leah: CMETrust Activator

Leah is a CMETrust Board Member, and Co-Chair of the Tenth Anniversary Campaign. In 2016, she participated in the Canada Africa Partnership Ride, organized by CAP Network, to raise money for CMETrust. 

CAPRide_16_-_1_(2).jpgAfter registering for the bike-a-thon, she sent emails to her friends and family to tell them about the event and about CMETrust, and requested their support. Supporters could donate online through a fundraising page on the CAP Network website, or provide cheques or cash.

The ride took place on June 12 in Toronto, along the lake. Leah says “It was a great experience: the ride was relaxed and enjoyable, and the route was beautiful. It was really interesting to ride alongside people fundraising for other organizations working with communities in Africa, as we were able to share experiences and make connections while riding!”

Leah raised over $600 through donations from her family and friends. “I gained good experience doing this, so next time I know what to do and maybe I’ll raise more! No matter what the result is, it helps support the work of CMETrust, so it’s worth trying!” she said.


CMETrust is seeking 100 Activators, each working towards a $1000 fundraising goal through a cool event, campaign, or initiative. Together, we can raise enough for 100 scholarships! To learn more and sign up, go here


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