Consuelo: CMETrust Activator

Board Member Consuelo ran in the Ottawa Race Weekend to raise money for CMETrust. Here is her journey as a CMETrust Activator, in her own words.


How did you Activate for CMETrust?

We all have activities that we like to do and sometimes we need a little extra motivation to make them happen. That’s my situation with running! In an effort to accomplish a health-related goal and raise money for a truly transformative organization, I have run in the Ottawa Race Weekend for CMETrust for 6 years, and am planning on signing up again for 2017!


Besides all the training(!), it was pretty simple. I would send out an email/Facebook post to my friends, family, and colleagues letting them know that I was running for CMETrust and looking for their support in reach a fundraising goal. I set up a fundraising page that provided my donors with info on why I was running for CMETrust, my fundraising goal, and some photos. It was a great tool to keep track of donations and to connect the donors to the great work of CMETrust! Once donations were made on-line, a charitable receipt would be immediately sent to donors and I was sent a notification so I could thank them. Super user-friendly!

Why did you become a CMETrust Activator?

CMETrust is a small but mighty 100% volunteer-run organization that is really changing the lives of youth and their families in Mathare for the last 10 years. I believe education is the key to so much good in the world and I’m proud to be a small part of the change.

What was your experience doing an individual fundraiser?

It’s amazing how $25 donations really do add up! My community (local and far away) are exceptionally generous and are keen to see me accomplish a health related goal as well as contribute to a charitable organization that I really stand behind! People raise money for charities all the time – why not raise money so kids can go to high school?! Based on my experience, I’m quite sure your community will stand behind you!


CMETrust is seeking 100 Activators, working towards a $1000 fundraising goal through a cool event, campaign, or initiative. Together, we can raise enough for 100 scholarships! To learn more and sign up, go here


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