A Million Steps 4 Scholarship

CMETrust is delighted to share the story of another innovative and exciting fundraising campaign from two CMETrust supporters, Brian and LeeAnne!


The couple is undertaking a 42-day adventure along an  835 kilometres route of connected ancient pathways across nearly the entire width of Spain as they follow the Camino del Norte, the northern route of the famed pilgrimage route to Santiago!

But how does a personal journey become a community opportunity? With a cool idea and some support!

A Million Steps for Scholarship is founded on the simple idea that we can turn the ordinary act of walking into an extraordinary opportunity to change someone's life for the better. Access to quality secondary school education and post-secondary opportunities is not a given for youth in Mathare. But with friends and supporters, Brian and LeeAnne are aiming to raise enough support to enable CMETrust to recruit another high-achieving student and put them on an 8-year path of higher education - about $6,000 CDN.

Helping them in this journey is the Rotary Club of Trenton Ontario by hosting a fundraising page for the couple...  and you can help too!

Your opportunity:

Join Brian and LeeAnne in building bridges across cultures and across social barriers. We know the cost of a full commitment to a scholar is about $6,000 CDN. This seems incredibly affordable in our Canadian context, but education funds can go far in Kenya. You can support their fundraising by donating through the Rotary Club

They will be accepting donations until July 15, 2024 and are eligible for Charitable Contribution Receipts.

CMETrust is so grateful for our amazing and supporting community, and with Brian and LeeAnne much luck in their upcoming adventure!


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