CMETrust at 10

Advancing Education in Kenya, One Child at a Time 

Help us create more scholarship opportunities for Mathare’s youth, now and for the future

Reflecting on the past ten years, we are proud of all we’ve accomplished. With 55 scholars currently in secondary school, 13 students enrolled in post-secondary institutions, and 68 alumni sharing the benefit of their education with their community, as well as capacity-building programs between terms for our scholars and computer skills training for our graduates, we see the on-the-ground impact CMETrust’s support has had and the ripple effect within the community and beyond. 

Looking forward to the next decade, we know there is still much more to be done. Our goal is to support 200 scholars every year in our secondary and post-secondary programs by gradually increasing our intake to 25 new scholars annually.  

You can play a part in this success story. You can help us ensure more young people have access to education, creating a critical mass of educated youth who can transform their lives, their community, and their nation. 

To learn more about our Bright Futures campaign, download this brochure.

Your Role

You can help us make this goal a reality by supporting our fundraising goals via direct donation, corporate sponsorship, legacy giving, or by hosting an event on behalf of CMETrust. Your support will help us increase our annual scholarship funding.   

  • $90 - Provides computer training for 1 graduate 
  • $1000 - Sends 1 scholar to secondary school for 1 year 
  • $4000 - Sends 1 scholar through secondary school (4 years) 
  • $4100 - Sends 1 graduate through post-secondary studies (4 years)

To learn more or discuss your support, contact our Campaign Chairs, Victoria and Leah, at

The Campaign

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